Fiann has developed his own unique style of photography, portraying the mysterious and majestic culture, weather and landscapes of unique remote locations which he combines with epic characters as well as the medium of light. His work portrays nature at its most elemental while exposing people in their native cultures that have mostly disappeared.

Some of his photographs are recreations of ancient cultures, some illustrate folk stories and some are documenting present culture. Fiann photographs all subjects in natural settings. Images are not a result the post-processing manipulation of the photographs.

Fiann Paul is known for numerous exhibitions throughout the North Atlantic countries, in Iceland he gained recognition as one of two authors of Dialog project, photographic portraits of Icelandic children that covered a building at the main intersection downtown Reykjavik in 2008.

He is also an accomplished athlete who holds over 20 Guinness World Records in ocean rowing. He crossed Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Arctic oceans in a row boat.

In 2011 together with Natalie Caroline, Fiann founded charity foundation supporting education of the children in the Himalayas where he lived. In 2013 the foundation built primary school educating 150 pupils per year.

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