about the work

Photographing local people as theme may be either documenting their native life, reconstructing the heritage of their ancient culture or having them pose as models in fantasy photo shoots. In both cases it is always a matter of gaining their trust and acceptance. It often requires Fiann to spend long time amongst them to earn it.

125 years old yogi

The photograph depicts 125 years old yogi in the Himalayas. Fiann says: "What you see in front of him, on the sand, is a lock of his own white hair: a 3m long dreadlock. He was still practicing yoga at his advanced age when I met him. I have a whole set of photographs with him on which some people commented: “very energetically inspirational photographs"

Sometimes Fiann describes the style he portraits the indigenous people as "Spiritual Portrait". -"Although of different magnitude of talent I would allude to the attempt of reasonable reality distortion by Picasso. He portrayed Western man reasonably turning him into less attractive I portray indigenous man reasonably turning him into more attractive. (photographing, not digitalizing)."

Photographs, Paintings or Photoshop ???

Images are what Fiann shot and are not a result of the post-processing manipulation of the the photographs. Fiann has developed his own unique style of photography of portraying reality, using weather and landscapes of unique remote locations, which he combines with epic characters as well as the medium of light. Fiann photographed all subjects in natural settings with a few exceptions of supernatural characters illustrating legends or folk stories.

Majority of the characters portrayed are local or native people in their natural surroundings.

Below some testimonials from the characters depicted in the photographs:

Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir

"I was sitting there and the wind was so cold and strong that even my not born yet child will recognize the image. I saw the picture on the camera display during the photoshoot, and that's the way it looked" -Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir; yoga teacher, singer, actress


"I participated in this photoshoot at the ocean shore, just as I put the sword away and I looked at the camera display I saw this image." -Sæmundur Unnar Sæmundsson, multiple Highland Games Champion of Iceland

Slideshow of the raw photographs, not edited at all, from the entire one day photo shoot. "I could show each single photo shoot of mine in the same fashion. Only an insane man would paste all of the 50 almost identical photos after having them shot in the green screen studio as is often suspected" See interesting story related to this slideshow.

Editing samples are shown below: the first four are pairs of pictures: raw (before) and final (after), select to enlarge. Next three pictures are the examples of the inclusion of the supernatural character XXL polar bear. The real picture with Inuit hunter plus a polar bear pasted in. The dragon which you see below is not a 3D CGI work: it is composed of 30 different pictures of the Greenlandic ice with background ice being real. There are some other supernatural characters on Fiann photographs composed of local elements too. The last two raw (no editing at all) are Dialog pictures as used for the project.

raw (before editing) final (after editing) raw, before editing final, after editing Dragon composed of 30 photographs of Greenlandic ice,.The girl and the dragon are pasted, background ice is real. real picture, arctic set 1st angle real picture, arctic set 2nd angle supernatural character imposition Dialog project pictures no editing was applied, all the photographs were raw Dialog project pictures no editing was applied, all the photographs were raw